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Wells Daily News

1. Internships and Volunteer Work: Bloom Projects International gladly and regularly uses the much-needed help of interns and volunteers who share the same desires and passions we have. BPI is always looking for passionate people in all areas. However, in this stage of our growth, we are seeking individuals with skills and interest in Journalism, Writing, Communications, Graphic and Web Design, Photography and Video/Film Production. As a fully incorporated Non-Profit Organization, we are able to give college credit and/or volunteer hours in most cases. While we are looking for individuals with those specialized skills, please do not hesitate to send us your resume or contact us via E-mail or phone to find out more information about current opportunities. All applying Interns must be over the age of 18. If interested, please send us an e-mail to the address provided below with the subject header titled “Internship”, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon. For more information please visit: http://bloomprojects-intl.org/How.you.can.help.html
Phone: 858-232-7392
E-Mail: info@bloomprojects-intl.org

2. Sustainability on Sundays. This Sunday, May 1st, and next Sunday, May 8th,the focus of the evening service in the chapel will be Sustainability: Living the Prophetic Vision. The brief service, centered on passages that articulate an ethical vision of sustainability, begins at 6:00 p.m., with discussion and
refreshments to follow as your time permits (you’ll be able to make the 7 p.m.concert).

Rev. Dr. Linda Schwab, Visiting Chaplain Assoc.

3. Yellow Rage (7-9 PM) and Dance Party (10-2AM) Tonight

Yellow Rage will be preforming in the Sommer Center from 7-9 PM (Hosted by POWER and WISA). Come out to celebrate the end of Multicultural Week. Yellow Rage has been featured on Def Jam Poetry.Yellow Rage has sought to make a positive impact through their poetry. Drawing from their own unique experiences, individual political ideologies, and personal life philosophies as Asian American women, Michelle and Catzie’s group and solo poems address issues which explore the intersections of race, culture, gender, community, and self. Core issues examined by Yellow Rage include human trafficking, sexual slavery and modern-day slavery; anti-Asian violence; domestic violence; cross-cultural conflict and misunderstanding; cultural commodification; racism and sexism; mixed race identity; class divisions; and self-identity. At the heart of Yellow Rage’s poetry is a desire to present a perspective that challenges ignorance and hatred and holds people of any race, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, etc., accountable for ideas and behaviors which in turn facilitate divisiveness rather than understanding. Through anger, pain, joy, celebration, sarcasm, and humor, Catzie and Michelle strive to facilitate honest dialogue with their poetry and hope to move themselves and others towards some universal Truth–to recognize the humanity of others and acknowledge the human desire for peace, healing, happiness, and love. Employing multiple poetic forms and delivery styles–including hip hop-influenced rhyme, character depictions, theatrical monologue, song, and free verse–Yellow Rage seeks to connect people, bridge cultures, and initiate a movement of positive and progressive change.

The Multicultural Dance Party ( Hosted by POWER and WISA) will be from 10 PM-2 AM is the Sommer Center. Come out to dance and listen to music from all over the world. Some genres include soca, dancehall, reggae, J-POP, zouk and kompa.

4.  Appointed’s Bake Sale will be from 7-9 PM in the Sommer Center.

If you would like some our delicious home-baked items later tonight or tomorrow call Dominique or Rosemary at (347)423-6207 or email appointed @wells.edu.

Cupcakes (Blueberry, Yellow, Red Velvet, Chocolate)$0.75 Slice of Cake (Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, Chocolate)$1.00 Slice of Pie (Chocolate, Oreo, Chocolate-Peanut Butter)$1.50

5. Dear Students,
The last day to order Books, DVD’s and Videos will be Friday May 6th. You may make article requests through the end of the semester.

The absolute last day to turn in your ILL’s will be Monday May 16th, unless you contact me and make special arrangements.

Fines for ILL’s that are not returned on time are $75.00 per item. I’m sure you can think of much better things to do with that money.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to make special arrangements if possible, but I need to hear from you.

Good luck with end of term papers and tests!!

Kimberly Nolan
Acquisitions/Office Manager
Resource Sharing
Louis Jefferson Long Library
Wells College
(315) 364-3355
fax (315) 364-3412

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Senior Theses in Public Affairs

Representation, Education and the Environment

Senior Theses in Public Affairs

Betty DeLuna

FEDERALISM: Should the federal government be involved in Education Policy or should it be left to the individual states?

May 3, 2011 2:00pm Macmillan 126

Samantha Schober

Reclaiming Representation: Marco Rubio

May 5, 2011 3:00pm Macmillan 126

Tomas Bowling

Clean Capitalism: A Conservative Argument for Transferring to Renewable Clean Energy

May 6, 2011 11:00am Macmillan 126

All Members of the Wells Community are Invited to Attend

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Wells Daily News

1. The latest edition of the Wells Dining Newsletter can now be found on The Globe: https://global.wells.edu/ics/Students/Wells_Dining.jnz

Find us on Facebook too! Take note of our Featured Facebook employee. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aurora/Wells-Dining/130835000292366

Elly Ventura
Program Director, Aurora Inn, Inc. – Wells Dining
ph: 315-364-3378
fx: 315-364-3397

2. Entries for the Koch Prize for the Best Freshman Paper are due Friday, May 13th at 4:30p.m. An entry for this prize should reflect discriminating analytical reading, and clear thinking about a significant subject. It should
be carefully researched and documented. Submissions should be no less than 2500 or more than 6000 words in length. Submit to Professor Garrett, Macmillan 303. BE SURE TO USE AN ALIAS on the paper. IN A SEPARATE ENVELOPE,write the title of your paper, your alias and your real name.

Entries for the Best Senior Research Paper are due Friday, May 6th at 4:30p.m. Entries may be, but need not, have been submitted as a senior essay or senior thesis, or it may have been written by a senior as a term paper for a course. It should demonstrate mature investigation and cogent thinking concerning a significant subject. Entries should be no more than 20,000 words in length but not less than 5,000. Submit to Ms. Nancy Gil, Cleveland 201. BE SURE TO USE AN ALIAS on the paper. IN A SEPARATE ENVELOPE, write the title of your paper, your alias and your real name.

Rhonda Dellinger
Assistant to the Provost and Dean of the College

3. Hello everyone,

Just a final reminder about the panel discussion “Building Cultural Competence,” which will be tomorrow, April 29 at 11:30 a.m., in the AER. The event features Jamila Walida Simon ’01, Ernie Olson, Malindra Ratnayake, and Azra Rahman ’13. Come and hear about cultural competence, ask questions, get information, and then share it with others!

This event is the second installment of Jamila’s Leader-in-Residence program, and is co-sponsored by the Staff Committee on Inclusive and Intercultural Excellence (SCIIE) and the Faculty Committee on Inclusive and Intercultural Excellence and Off-Campus Study. The Leader-in-Residence program is a joint effort of the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Services, and the Office of Alumnae/i Affairs.

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Dear Students,

Description of a new course that will be taught next semester by Lena Masur who is currently teaching Photography. This course links environmental issues, creativity and art.

Sustainable Design ART 285

This course will investigate the meanings of sustainability and potential of creative design to address environmental issues and challenge cultural norms. Students will research techniques in sustainable design ranging from passive solar construction and composting toilets to the engineering of low-input technologies like clay water filters and aluminum foil solar cookers. We will also discuss landscape design as it pertains to sustainable agriculture and consider contemporary activist artwork that constructs creative solutions to environmental problems. These investigations will be grounded in a continuing redefinition of sustainability through texts that explore multi-cultural approaches to resource use and distribution. The course will culminate in group design-and-build projects intended to increase the sustainability of operations on campus.

Office of the Provost and Dean of the College

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Wells Daily News

1. Student/Faculty/Staff volleyball game coming up on Tuesday, May 10 at 4:45 in the upper gym.

We are looking for students, faculty and staff who would like to participate.

Admission is 1 dollar, for those not playing, and all proceeds will go to the American Red Cross Japan Tsunami Relief fund. Please contact Mike O’Brien at mobrien@wells.edu, or myself sspezzano@wells.edu. Thank you.

Sara Spezzano
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
SAAC Chair


Tomorrow at 4:45 in the Art Exhibit Room, Jerry Mirskin will read from his poetry. He is the author most recently of the poetry collection, In Flagrante Delicto.

About “In Flagrante Delicto?\” one writer has commented: “I love Jerry Mirskin’s poems. I don’t know anyone else who writes with such dogged faith in the goodness of the world, or who has such affection for so many things, large and small….”

There are copies of his book in the Bookshop and a display of his work in the Library.

Mr. Mirskin is Associate Professor in the writing program at Ithaca College, and regularly teaches courses at Cornell. Bruce Bennett Professor of English

3. The deadline is approaching….April 29th at 4:30pm!…for nominating professors for two very important awards: Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Advising.

Please send your nomination to dean@wells.edu for the outstanding professor…the one that taught that really exceptional class or the one who took extra time to help you with choosing courses!

You may also drop your nominations off at Macmillan 224.

Awards will be announced at the Honors Awards Dinner May 11th.

Rhonda Dellinger
Assistant to the Provost and Dean of the College

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Wells Daily News

1. Internet Interuption on May 11th:
Please be advised that Time Warner has announced that there will be a service break that translates to an Internet outage for the College on the May 11th. It is expected to be brief and will occur sometime between 2-6am. We expect that everything will be back to normal by 8:30am on May 11th.
If you have any questions, plese contact the IT Help Desk at helpdesk@wells.edu. 2. Blood Drive on Wednesday in Sommer Center:

There will be a Blood Drive on Wednesday, April 27th in the Sommer center from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. There is a sign up sheet in the Dining Hall. Please sign up and save a life!!!

If you have questions, please contact Lauren Robin at lrobin@wells.edu

3. Multicultural Week Celebration!:

WISA and POWER would like to cordially invite you to our Annual Multicultural Week Celebration from April 26-29th. Come and learn about different cultures and embrace the melting pot of Wells through music, poetry, food and film. Please see below for the events scheduled for this week.

Multicultural Week Schedule Tuesday, April 26, 2011
– Saani Adi’ini (Navajo poet/singer/storyteller) 4:45pm, AER -International Movie 7:30-10 pm, Sommer Center

Thursday, April 28, 2011
-Food Workshop 5pm-7pm, Sommer Center

Friday, April 29, 2011
– Yellow Rage (Def Jam Spoken Word Poets) 7pm-9pm, Sommer Center -Multicultural Dance Party 10pm-2am, Sommer Center

For more information please email Richaela Primus at rprimus@wells.edu

4. Poetry Reading on Thursday at 4:45pm:

On Thursday at 4:45 in the Art Exhibit Room, Ithaca College professor and poet Jerry Mirskin will read from his work. He is the author most recently of the poetry collection, In Flagrante Delicto, published in 2008.

About ?In Flagrante Delicto? one writer has commented: ?(These poems) are rich journeys into the extraordinary, the particular, even the everyday. Jerry Mirskin shows us that only caught in the act of love, for a mate, a child, the universe, do we become truly human.?

There are copies of his book in the Bookshop and a display of his work in the Library.

Mr. Mirskin is Associate Professor in the writing program at Ithaca College, and regularly teaches courses at Cornell. ===================================
Please contact the sender specified in this message with questions related to a particular announcement contained within this message.Do not reply to this address.

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Wells Daily News

1. Honors Awards Dinner, May 11th:

Reminder: The 1st Annual Honors Awards Dinner will be held in the Dining Hall on May 11th at 5:30pm. All students are invited and you MUST RSVP TO ATTEND BY WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27th. Please e-mail rdellinger@wells.edu if you plan to attend. Dinner will be provided in the Sommer Center for students who do not attend. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

2. Dean of Students Annual Awards:

The Dean of Students Office is seeking nominations for their annual awards. The following awards will be given: ? Outstanding Student Organization Advisor
? Outstanding Co-Sponsored Program
? Most Improved Student Organization
? Outstanding Student Organization
? Outstanding Multicultural Program
? Outstanding Volunteer Service

Nominations can be submitted online at: : https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XTV7C65. Nominations are due by 5pm on Friday, April 29th.

3. Wells Cares – Fundraiser for Japan:

Update: Japan
Discussion of current events surrounding Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis Zabriskie Lecture Hall
Wednesday, April 27
Sponsored by Department of Political Science

4. Interfaith Gathering:

The Wells Chaplain’s Office cordially invites students and friends of all faiths to an Interfaith Gathering, on Tuesday, April 26 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in the Art Exhibit Room. Samuel Asher, Cantor at Temple Beth David in Rochester, will bring an interactive program on music and interfaith dialogue, and Wells’ own Appointed Gospel Choir will sing. Pizza, sodas, and also kosher refreshments will be provided. Please come and help us celebrate religious diversity at Wells!

Rev. Bob French
Wells College Chaplain
364-3426 or 364-8543

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