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Earth Week Event

In honor of Earth Week: Thanksgiving for Creation and Redemption at Mid-Week Communion, Tuesday 3:30-4:00 p.m. in the Chapel.

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No Impact Man

No Impact Man will be shown Thursday, April 22 at 4:30Pm in the Sommer Center as part of the national No Impact Project. Please go to this link to RSVP: http://noimpactproject.org/news/events/

To empower citizens to make choices which better their lives and lower their environmental impact through lifestyle change, community action, and participation in environmental politics.


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Wells Cup Wrap Up

Congratulations to GP who managed to steal the lead back from Weld to win it
after their Wells 500 2nd place, 1st place went to the Leach team who
the competition, and winning the Clothing Drive. The RA staff would also like
thank everyone who participated and came out to watch the events, we hoped you

Brandon Doughty
RA Main 2nd
Evenline Coach
PB Co-Chair of Annual Events

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Easter Dinner

Missing your family Easter Sunday traditions this year? Student Christian groups and the Chaplain’s Office will sponsor an Easter Dinner at 3:30 pm.on Easter, April 4, in Faculty Parlors, Main Bldg.. If you’d like to come, please let Liz Howell know as soon as possible, so she can plan the meal.
(Rev.) Bob French
Wells College Chaplain
Ext. 3426 or 364-8543

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Even/Odd Tryout Times

ATTENTION CLASSES OF 2012, 2013: If you are a dude and you wish to try out for
the Even/Odd Dodgeball teams, read the below information.

Tuesday, March 30th: Evenline Tryouts in the SU from 7-830, Oddline in the SU
from 830-10:00

Wednesday, March 31st: Oddline in the SU from 7-830, Evenline from 830-10:00

Thursday, April 1st: Evenline from 7-830, Odd from 830-10:00

If you want to try out, make it to as many of the above tryout sessions as you
can. Be there 5 minutes before your scheduled time frame.

Teams will be announced Friday, April 2nd at Dinner, so if you are trying out
you MUST BE AT THAT DINNER in order to make the team.

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