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Important Safety Reminders

Now that warmer weather is here we will all have the chance to get out and enjoy Spring on campus and in the Village. Please take a minute to review the following pedestrian safety tips as you prepare to go out walking, jogging, or biking, on or off-campus.

  • Be Predictable! Use sidewalks where provided. There is a tremendous amount of truck traffic on Route 90, please use the sidewalk on the west side of Rt. 90 when walking to and from the Village, especially at night. Walking 2 or 3 people abreast in the roadway is extremely dangerous.
  • Be Aware! If you are walking on campus or along the roadway and have earphones in listening to music or are on your cell phone talking or texting you may not be focusing on your environment. Be aware of where you are walking, jogging, or biking at all times.
  • Be Seen! Make it easy for drivers to see you, dress in light colors and wear reflective materials. If walking at night use an device to illuminate you.
  • Be Smart! Alcohol and drugs can impair your ability to walk safely, just like they do a person’s ability to drive a vehicle.

·         Be Sure! Even though there are marked crosswalks on Route 90, make eye contact with drivers before crossing to be sure they see you!

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